Saturday, January 13, 2007

Gen 13 #4

Finished Gen 13 #4 and it's out now. Feel free to let me know what you think about it. Personally, the story was amazing. Gail Simone is a fantastically talented writer and her story for issue four was a sheer pleasure to draw. The editor Ben Abernathy was also really cool to work with - one of the best experiences I've had. I hope you all have as much fun reading it as I did drawing it.

Have a great day!


Jason Meek said...

Thanks for putting a link to my blog on your blog! Now I'll HAVE to buy a copy of Gen13 #4.

Sunny Lee said...

Dude, I'd get you a job drawing comics if I you'd let me, but I wish you would just show more interest. I know a slew of editors that would like your work. For someone who can draw as awesome as you do, you should would be doing this full time if you were willing to put in the time and effort. Just say the word and I'll point you in the right direction!

Jason Meek said...

I've found that I don't like drawing things I'm not 100% passionate about. And comics, right now, hold no place in my heart. I think I must have outgrown them sometime ago. Going to ComicCon last year was a real big disappointment to me, as far as listening to artists and their work (or lack thereof). They work extraordinarily hard for modest pay and get no health benefits or 401Ks or anything like that. To me, that is scary. I have a day job that pays me modestly and I don't have to slave over the drawing table to meet a deadline. PLUS I have benefits and a retirement fund. With all the freetime I have after work I get to draw whatever I want (as opposed to drawing for someone else ALL THE TIME). I am pursuing my happiness. I AM living the American dream. I have never been more happy with my art than when I quit trying to draw comics. This blog, in particular, is a way of sharing my happiness with others.
Of course I'm ecstatic beyond belief that your comic is coming out (and will be picking one up Friday). And the only reason I'm picking it up is because it is your pursuit of happiness. And I can support that (plus the art is going to be GREAT). It brings me joy to see a close friend of mine succeeding in an industry that is oversaturated with talent (not all of which good). I hope you had a good time doing it and I pray that the powers that be (Image, in this case) see to it that you get more work. I'll do anything to support you, Sunny. Just say the word, and I'll do it.

Sunny Lee said...

I've heard that shpeel looooong ago. I believe it was during the first year of the Kubert School back 11 years ago (1996).

Look, I hear you on the extras. I have a wife and 2 kids and a big fat mortgage fer pete's sake... Comics is a labor intensive, ungratifying, thankless job. I know doing comics you don't want to draw is a difficult thing... that's what separates the real pros, who do it everyday, from the fanboys who think they know what drawing comics is. Comics is basically retail, but with sitting and deadlines instead of standing and financial earmarks.

I believe you're misunderstanding the love of comics with the love of drawing. I think you have the love of drawing, not the love of comics that are published so far. But I also think if you found the book that motivates you, that could alter your perceptions. It may not necessarily be the character or medium, it may just be working with a writer who tells awesome stories... or better yet, stories you can't wait to draw. It may be that simple. I don't think you've found that yet. And I think the comic world suffers for it. You are by far one of the most talented artists I've ever known (altho Mark's pretty good too, if he'd only get off that monochromatic crap). I think it's great that you have found a way to share your passion with the world (as it is), but I think there's at least one good story in you that can see print.

I still have my day job where I get good pay, I can support my family, get the medical, 401k, etc, and still on occassion do a commission here, and maybe a comic there. Would I like to do a comic every month? Sure, but having a day job, supporting my family takes precedence, and maybe after 20 years, when I kicked them all out of the house, I can get back into it, but then, when is the last time you saw a 60 yr old regular penciller?? sigh. So I get my kicks in when I can. And I see much potential for you and I would be a bad friend if I didn't at least try to get you into comic history once ... where you can tell your grandkids (or at least Mark) - "hey, I drew Superman once and here it is..." Gotta admit, that's a cool thing to say.

dustin said...

i had no idea you still knew how to draw...i mean.. i've heard rumors.. but.. the return of THE SUNNY LEE? crazy!

haha kiddin gman, you know i love you sunny. in that sorta way.

Sunny Lee said...

you're just mean! >:-P