Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rendered Batman


Cujo Sketches said...

It's a really nice drawing but it must be addressed that more study proper actual body alinement is needed. The head is too small and not following the ark of his back, which is curved to follow his shoulders as it should be, so his chin should be in line with the bottom of his shoulders and tops of his biceps instead of pushed back the way it is. If you look at a picture of a man diving into a pool from the same angle, you'll see what I mean. I get that you probably wanted to show his chest and Bat symbol but it just doesn't work with this pose. Please don't feel like I'm attacking you or anything like that! I really like The Batman! Again, it's drawn Beautifully but it's wrong. You're very talented and I can see you've been drawing for quite some time but this one should be corrected. I don't normally comment other people's work like this but this one was really bothering me when I looked at it, and I Had to say something. PLEASE forgive me if this comment offending you because it really isn't meant to. It's just an observation.

Sunny said...

Oh no - you're 100% right - which is why this one was kaboshed in favor of the one above this one. Totally F'ed this one up. Good eye!