Saturday, March 22, 2008

What to do after beating a Sentinel

Apparently, Rogue and Gambit get kinda hot after fighting a Sentinel. Gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

This was a commission that I finished actually a couple of weeks ago, but haven't had a chance to contact the buyer yet and let him know. I actually ran into him at the Heroes Con last year but it wasn't ready then. God I'm slow. Too many life things going on. Still got another dozen to go. I'm working it tho!


phillip rauschkolb said...

Great work as always Sunny!
Weird, I just finished a sentinel piece myself...check it out if ya got a minute -

My Sentinel piece

Monkey Boy said...

hey sunny, how do i get you to do a commission for me? these are awesome!!!!

Sunny Lee said...

Just drop me an email at and I'll get with to you asap!

Sunny Lee said...

Nice work Phillip... one comment I would make is Wolverine's left shoulder seems disjointed.